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Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

We had a great weekend!  It was pretty busy but we got to see lots of friends and family so it was worth it.
Friday night we went to Brett's parents house. We got into town late so just hung out for a bit Friday night.  Brett and his dad went dove hunting Saturday morning.  They were a bit disappointed in the amount of dove they saw but I think they still had a good time.
Saturday night Brett went to the UT game with his parents and Brooke and Clark and I went to Kristen and Bobby's house.  I could have gone to the game but we all know everyone was better off if I skipped out and hung out on the couch with K and caught up!!
Sunday we went to Kristen's parents' lake house and had a great time!

Notice that Sassy and Dot are in every pic.  They stayed in the water the entire time. 
Family photo :)

Me, Kristen and the girls.

Kristen's mom, Stacy and sweet Campbell

So Kristen's parents have 2 of Dot's sisters.  You all think we spoil our dogs.....thier two girls live like a queen!  They go everywhere and do everything with Kathy and John.

Attempting to get a family photo...
Even though these pups are all related they wanted nothing to do with each other.



The Cove- the spot to be on Lake Austin aparently..

Sophie- she has the same build as Dot if ya can't tell!!

Jackie-O- acts just like Sassy but is tiny.

Campbell saying Weeeee!!!!!!

Family Photo

We almost talked ourselves out of leaving town for the weekend because of all of the driving, but we were really glad we ended up going.  We had so much fun seeing everyone!!!

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  1. That was such a perfect weekend! Lake Austin is beautiful, we haven't been there since college. The Cove is probably Ryan's old hangout, haha. Now we just need to get a lake house together so we can do this all the time :)