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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A New Recipe Blog

Kristen told me about a recipe blog created by a girl that lives in Austin.  I cooked one of her recipes last night and two tonight and they were both delicious.  All of her recipes are made with fresh fruits/herbs/ veggies so they seem really healthy!  And the ones I made have been really simple as well.
Here is the blog:


When I told Brett what we were having he pitched a mini fit because we weren't having a meat!  Haha!  He didn't complain much after he started eating it.  He said "We were Vegetarians tonight huh?"  I think the only other time we have not had meat or fish with dinner is the time I made Veggie Burgers!  Don't think we could or would ever be Vegetarians but one night of no land or sea meat won't hurt us!

We both thought the eggplant and corn dish were great.   I drizzled Truffle Oil on the eggplant dish and cut the cilantro out of the corn.

I cooked the corn cobs a new way tonight.  They came partially husked so I removed the silk and rinsed them off (leaving the husks on) and put the cobs on a plate and microwaved for 10 minutes.  Clayton had told me about doing it that way and even though these only had a few husks it worked great and was so easy.  I think you could even do this with an ear of corn with no husks.  The recipe said to roast the corn in oven but I did it on the stovetop and it worked out just fine. 

We had Brooke and Clark over last night and everyone thought the meal we made was awesome.  
It was even easier than tonight.

I am excited to have a new place to search for recipes because I have kind-of been in  a slump lately and haven't found many new things to cook!
If ya'll try any from the website let me know so I can try them out too!


  1. That is some fancy cookin' my friend! And it looks like yall had so much fun Labor Day weekend!

  2. I'll check out that site. I know that justin would throw a fit if I tried to serve a vegetarian meal!

  3. I haven't checked this out yet, but looks like some delicious recipes....but you make everything look so tasty. That corn dish really looks great! I need to try this out maybe tonight!