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Monday, March 11, 2013


Lots of babies in our lives these days!
This precious boy, Gavin Reese Montgomery, made his appearance at the beginning of February.  Ryan and Randi sound like they are loving life as parents and send me cute pics almost daily.  I hope we can get to Kentucky to meet him soon. 
Clayton and Jackie were planning on getting one of Bandit's puppies but somehow ended up with two at the last minute!  They are super cute and playful.  
I stopped on the way back to Dallas last week and got to hang out with this growing boy.  Drake will be 6 months in April and loved chillin' in my lap!

I don't think this is news to anyone who reads the blog, but speaking of babies we are having one of our own in August! 
We are so excited!  This is from the 12 week U/S.  I'm 16 weeks this week and we find out the gender next Friday!  
We both think it's a girl for some reason but of course we are just praying for a perfect, healthy baby no matter the gender.


  1. Congrats on your new little bundle! So thrilled for you!! Sorry I have been MIA from blog world and had not heard the exciting news!!

  2. Thanks Missy! Congrats on your two GIRLS!! I loved ya'lls gender reveal party. i had been wondering how things were going because you had not posted in a while, but if growing 2 babies makes you even more tired than being pregnant with 1, I know why you haven't blogged! Thankfully I'm starting to feel like my old self again.

  3. I was wondering when you were going to make an "official" blog announcement. yay! Can't believe you are 16 weeks already. Gav is so tiny in that pic..and you didn't even give yourself a shout out for making that adorable blanket that he is wrapped in. That is still my favorite gift. Unfortunately I will not be making your little babe anything but I will buy him/her something cool instead :) I am so thrilled for you and Brett, can't wait for you to join this ride with us. Wow those pups are so sweet and Drake is precious

  4. Oh my gosh! Congrats congrats! You snuck that in there at the end and I almost missed it! Such wonderful news!